StefanoMoscardini is a reportage and portraiture photographer. His works, published by various magazines and exhibited in Italy, Europe and the US, consist of anthropological reportages focused on the less known human behaviours. Pictures from his book Suspension of Disbelief have been selected and displayed as part of The Body Canvas exhibition at the Royal Anthropological Institute in London. His portraits have been featured on The book Suspension of Disbelief has been featured on VICERSI Swiss National RadioClickblogHooklife and

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Stefano Moscardini, portrait courtesy of Lorenzo Razzino


Stefano is currently available as a portrait and corporate reportage photographer in Italy and Europe. His fares and availability can be inquired through the contact form on this website.


The base of operations is currently located in Italy, but travelling is a big part of his work. In the past years Stefano took pictures in Croatia, Greece, Norway, Serbia and Spain.

Side Projects

Involved in a number of  side projects ranging from game design, music and performing arts, Stefano is most notably one of the founding members of SPECTRE artist collective. He conceptualized and designed the sonorization of artistic performances brought on stage in Lyon, Nancy, Rome and Milan. His artistic installations have been hosted in exhibitions by Section Pigalle in Paris and Galerie H+ in Lyon.

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